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The Construction of Open-Oriented Innovation System in the Context of Globalization


The Construction of Open-Oriented Innovation System in the Context of Globalization

By Lv Wei, Ma Mingjie & Xiong Hongru, DRC


Open-oriented innovation is a major trend of global innovation and development. This book gives an introduction to different patterns and development trends of open-oriented innovation from various perspectives including the movement of innovation factors and the institutional mechanism environment, the evolution of China's open-oriented innovation and the experience of the developed countries as well as the enterprises’ open-oriented innovation model and the impact of the new technology on open-oriented innovation. The book begins with an introduction followed by eight chapters. Introduction: The development of China's open-oriented innovation system against the backdrop of globalization. Chapter 1: The guidelines for establishing an open-oriented innovation system. Chapter 2: A comparative study on the development pattern and measures of national open-oriented innovation. Chapter 3: The development process of and major challenges facing China's open-oriented innovation. Chapter 4: Foreign exchanges and cooperation relating to national hi-tech plan and its management. Chapter 5: The enterprise-led innovation network under the open-oriented innovation. Chapter 6: The influence of the Internet on open-oriented innovation and countermeasures. Chapter 7: The impact of the international rules on open-oriented innovation. Chapter 8: The experience of open-oriented innovation and enlightenments gained by major innovative countries.