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Industrial Economy

Polity Options on Promoting the High-Quality Development of Health Industry(No. 42, 2018)


By Wei Jigang, Research Department of Industrial Economy, DRC

Research Report No. 42, 2018 (Total. 5317) 2018-3-7

Abstract: The health industry is the sunrise industry leading the economic and social development in the new era. The high-quality development of the health industry is not only related to the happiness of the people and social harmony, but also to the prosperity of the country and the rejuvenation of the nation. We need to focus on human health needs, in order to eliminate human diseases and improve human health and well-being In taking the realization of Health China program as our mission, we need to follow the development law of the health industry, grasp the strategic opportunities for development of new science and technology revolution and health industry, and ensure that health supply could meet people’s needs and health investment could be made in a rational manner to generate the maximized health benefit. We need to speed up the construction of modern health industry, foster and strengthen the competitive market entities, create high quality and efficient health industry chain, promote the integrated development of health industry with pension, tourism, culture, catering, sports and information technology, optimize the health industry layout, and promote the internationalization and modernization of health industry. We need to create a sound environment for the development of health industry, build an overall health supervision system, increase financial support, strengthen the construction of credibility system, improve personnel and education training system, and create a new culture for health industry.

Key words: health industry, high quality, development