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China’s Water Safety: A Systematic Evaluation and Existing Problems(No.45, 2018)

By Gu Shuzhong, Li Weiming & Jia Shaofeng, Research Team on “China’s Water Treatment”, Research Institute of Resources and Environment Policies, DRC

Research Report, No.45, 2018 (Total 5320) 2018-3-12

Abstract: To systematically evaluate and identify China’s water safety performance and existing problems are top issues for the establishment and improvement of water treatment system in order to scientifically enhance the country’s capabilities to ensure water safety. Based on China’s water safety evaluation index system, this paper gives an evaluation of the national-level, provincial-level and watershed-level water safety situations respectively, and illustrates the following problems relating to water safety. For instance, some regions in northern China have low water adequacy, and face eminent problems resulting from excessive exploitation of water resources, making water resources become unsustainable; the water quality in the north is generally poorer than that in the south, with rivers and lakes in the northern part contaminated to different extent; the quality of water supply to urban and rural areas needs to be improved, concentrated water supply is sometimes found contaminated, and the water quality of terminal water supply has a low qualified rate; the water ecological functions in some areas are severely damaged and dried-up riverways are quite common in northern area; some water supply projects require a higher cost beyond the local bearing capacity, making it difficult for proper operation and maintenance; flood prevention still faces daunting challenges, some regions suffer serious floods, weak links exist in the flood control and drainage system, and the issue of urban waterlogging is quite tangible.

Key words: water safety, evaluation, index system, a list of problems