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Strengthening the Management of Rivers’ Ecological Flow to Make the Water Quality Meet the Required Standard(No. 47, 2018)

By Gu Shuzhong, Li Weiming, Zhao Yong, Wang Fang & Hu Peng, Research Team on “China’s Water Treatment”, Research Institute of Resources and Environment Policies, DRC

Research Report No. 47, 2018 (Total. 5322) 2018-3-14

Abstract: The ecological flow of rivers is the basis for maintaining and ensuring the health of rivers and lakes, and is an important part of the construction of ecological civilization. Influenced by the deficient water resources, over exploitation of water resources and irrational construction and operation of water conservancy projects, problems relating to river ecological flow security in China are outstanding. It should be noted that the second and third-grade tributaries in northern China and the intensive development of hydropower projects along rivers in southern China have difficulty in supporting the ecological base flow, and the sensitive ecological water demand in the north and south is seriously short of requirement. In this context, strengthening the management of ecological flow is very important for improving the health of rivers in China. We need to take the following measures. First, we need to strengthen macro-control, and promote the rational layout and optimization of industrial structure; second, we need to establish a warning line for water ecological protection in light of local conditions and according to different cases of rivers; third, we need to push ahead with smart water conservancy projects with fine management and improve the management level of reservoirs and hydropower stations; fourth, we need to give first priority to protection and classified guidance and build up the ecological flow relief channels and monitoring facility construction; fifth, we need to focus on the research of relevant issues, improve standards, ensure the scientific and rational application of ecological flow hallmarks; sixth, we need to straighten out the systems, form a cohesive force and flesh out the regulatory capacity of ecological flow.

Key words: ecological flow, water resources, hydropower projects, water ecosystem