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The Construction of the Basic Public Service System for Transient Population’s Personnel Files in China in the New Era: Approaches and Policy Options(No.66, 2018)


By Liu Lihui & Li Yaokun, Research Team on “Basic Public Service for Transient Population’s Personnel Files”, Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research Report, No.66, 2018 (Total 5341) 2018-4-16

Abstract: The transient population’s personnel file service management is related to the employment of nearly 80 million workers in the labor market, bearing the attribute of public welfare, market performance and private information security. In building the system of personnel file basic public service system for the transient population, it is necessary to improve the government model for service provision, enhance the basic public service management system, promote the innovative development of national labor flow centers and regional archive service organizations, and optimize the municipal and county-level layout of talent service agencies. Efforts need to be made to accelerate the IT application in the service of transient population’s files, form a nationally inter-connective basic public service IT platform and information data bases at various levels, and ensure the information security. Future work needs to be focused on how to expand the services based on the basic public service of archives, explore the development of policy-making consultancy service industry based on the big data of file information as well as the building of personnel vocational credibility system, and substantially improve the basic public service coverage, efficiency and quality.

Key words: transient population, personnel files, basic public services, innovative development