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Implement Prioritized Development Strategy to Improve Education Level(No.73, 2018)


By She Yu, Research Team on “China’s Livelihood Survey”, DRC

Research Report No.73, 2018(Total 5348),2018-4-25

Abstract: In 2017, China’s education reform continued to pick up steam, bolstered by the implementation of a series of government policies such as the popularization of senior high school education, the third phase of pre-school education action plan, and the endeavor made on controlling drop-out rate and ensuring enrollment proportion, all aiming at enhancing the compulsory education outcomes. Viewing from the results based on telephone survey, urban and rural residents are generally satisfied with the education reform. With regard to face-to-face questionnaire survey in households, statistics show that the performance of China’s education reform is sound across the board. However, the current education development is still unbalanced and inadequate. In view of the above-mentioned questionnaire survey results, the education rights protection of some people are not fully ensured; the fairness of education is yet to be enhanced and the gap of the basic education conditions in different regions is still wide; education quality is not high enough and personnel training fail to meet the requirement of social and economic development. In this regard, it is suggested that efforts should be made to push ahead with education fairness and strive to give each child fair access to education with good quality; education quality should be further improved so as to cultivate high-quality talents in step with economic and social development; continuous efforts should be made to push forward the reform and development of relevant social policies to create a better social environment.

Key words: livelihood, education, survey