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The Characteristics of Residents’ Income Changes in China: Problems and Policy Proposals
——Analysis of 9896 Questionnaire Answers in 8 Provinces (No.81, 2018)


By Zhang Liang, Research Team on “Chinese People's Livelihood Survey”, DRC

Research Report, No.81, 2018 (Total 5356) 2018-5-9

Abstract: The survey data on the people’s livelihood concerns in 8 provinces showed that in 2017, due to economic growth and a series of policies to promote income growth, the income of the residents was obviously getting better than that of the previous year, and the residents’ income of the traditional industries improved significantly. The income of the front line workers and the interviewees without work contracts had a marked increase. The proportion of most income families who believe that their income had decreased is reduced to some extent. But at the same time, there was still a slight increase in the proportion of dissatisfaction with the income level; the response to the enlarging income gap was more prominent; the precision of the economic aid for low-income families was not high; and the wages in some industries were paid in arrears and so on. Therefore, it is suggested that the government should improve the income level of the residents through various channels, perfect the policy system to narrow the income gap, enhance the precision of social assistance on low-income residents; perfect the labor rights and interests protection mechanism and promote the establishment of a harmonious labor relationship.

Key words: people's livelihood survey, residents’ income, characteristics of change, policy proposals