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The Development Trend of Formulating the International Digital Trade Rules and the Policy Options of China (No.83, 2018)


By Lai Youwei, the General Office, DRC

Research Report, No.83, 2018 (Total 5358) 2018-5-10

Abstract: With the in-depth application of modern information technology all over the world and the vigorous development of the digital economy, the international digital trade has achieved rapid development in recent years and has become a typical new form and new model of trade. The development of digital trade will profoundly affect the pattern of global trade interests. At present, the international rules of digital trade are insufficient and far behind to support the practice. As the core of the international trade rules in the 21st century, the international digital trade rules will have a significant impact on the principles of bilateral, regional and multilateral trade rules, the text structure and the way of concession. Chinese government should enhance the policy support to the digital trade and actively, proactively and fully participate in the formulation of bilateral, multilateral and regional digital trade rules, striving for the establishment of a fair and reasonable international digital trade order, maximizing the interest of the international trade, promoting the sound and sustainable development of China’s digital trade.

Key words: digital trade, formulation of the international rules, cross-border digital business