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Optimization of Government Services to Solve Key Problems and Meet People’s Expectations (No.86, 2018)


By Long Haibo, Research Team on “Survey into People’s Well-being in China”, DRC

Research Report, No.86, 2018 (Total 5361) 2018-5-17

Abstract: The public satisfaction with the government services saliently differs in different regions and among different groups. Generally, the urban residents have lower satisfaction compared with that of the rural residents; the transient population’s satisfaction rate also falls below that of local population; and the respondents in different provinces have varied comments and feedbacks. This has shown that people have higher expectations for government services in the following aspects. Firstly, though the government’s services in terms of government staff attitude and capabilities are improved, the issues of inaction of the government and the inefficiency with extra work added to the people remain to be addressed. Secondly, given the divergent channels to gain policy information, the effectiveness and accuracy of the information should be attached greater significance. Thirdly, in consideration of the different items and procedures for different businesses, it is necessary to focus on the details of public services. Fourthly, despite the gradual application of “Internet Plus government services”, “information on the run” still faces blockages at different levels. Therefore, the key problems should be identified and tackled to further improve the service awareness and quality practically; the reforms to streamline administration and delegate powers should be further implemented to improve regulation and optimize services in this way so that higher real satisfaction shall be achieved.

Key words: government services, satisfaction, reforms to streamline administration and delegate powers, improve regulation, and optimize services, survey of people’s well-being