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Deepening the Reform of the Property Rights System of Marine Fishery Resources to Promote the Sustainable Development of Marine Fisheries (No.89, 2018)


By Han Yang, Research Department of Rural Economy, DRC

Research Report, No.89, 2018 (Total 5364) 2018-5-22

Abstract: The exploitation and utilization of marine fishery resources as a key part of the natural resources, not only promotes the economic and social development of marine fisheries and coastal fishing areas, but also contributes significantly to safeguard national food security, promote the increase of coastal fishermen's income and safeguard national sovereignty. With the enhancement of the development ability of marine fishery resources, the total amount of marine fishery resources in China has increased year by year; however in view of the limited reproduction and regeneration capacity of marine fishery resources, the coastal waters of China have shown the trend of overfishing, the decline of fishery resources and the deterioration of the ecological environment along the coast. How to develop and utilize marine fishery resources scientifically and rationally, and to promote the sustainable development of marine fisheries, it is urgently needed to find out the problems and take more targeted reform measures. It is believed that the property rights system of the marine fishery resources should be perfected as soon as possible, with the resource developers as the subjective entities and the sea and fishery resources as the objective entities to scientifically and rationally distribute the offshore marine fishery resources.

Key words: marine fishery resources, sustainable development, property right system