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Policy Options for the Promotion of China’s Modern Public Cultural Service System in the New Era (Special Issue, No.7, 2018)


By Niu Jiaru, Research Team on “Innovation Development of the Socialist Culture with Chinese Characteristics”, Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue, No.7, 2018 (Total 1574) 2018-5-18

Abstract: Since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, remarkable achievements have been made in China’s public cultural service system: its corresponding legal and institutional framework has initially taken shape, and the construction of national public cultural service demonstration zone (demonstration project) has been pushed ahead in an orderly way; public cultural service facilities have been further enhanced, while the balanced and coordinated development of public cultural services has witnessed notable progress with the digitized level being improved continuously and fiscal support promoted significantly; the enthusiasm of the participation from all social sectors has been enhanced gradually. In the New Era, faced with the new situation of the expanding application of newly-emerged technologies in public cultural service, people’s demand for more diverse, multi-level and individualized public cultural services grows even stronger; the reform of the division of fiscal affairs and expenditure responsibility between the central and local governments have been further pushed forward; it is an urgent task that the modern public cultural service system be established and improved. Policy options are made as follows: we need to further improve public cultural service facilities, to promote the construction of a digitized public cultural service system, to encourage the participation of various social entities, to strengthen the construction of public cultural service personnel and to enhance the performance assessment and incentive mechanism.

Key words: public cultural service, new situation, policy options