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Strive to Shore up Weak Spots Relating to People’s Livelihood in Rural Areas and Promote Rural Prosperity and Revitalization
-- Based on an analysis of 9,896 household questionnaires collected in 8 provinces in 2017 (No.91, 2018)


By Cheng Yu & Ruan Rongping, Research Team on “Survey of People’s Livelihood in China”, DRC

Research Report, No.91, 2018 (Total 5366) 2018-5-25

Abstract: According to a household survey on major concerns of people’s livelihood in 2017 made by DRC research team on “People’s Livelihood in China”, with the improvement of living standards and people’s livelihood, the degree of urban and rural respondents’ satisfaction with family life and social environment has steadily increased, but rural respondents are still facing some practical difficulties in terms of income growth, medical and old-age care, and living conditions, and their livelihood insurance is still inadequate compared with that of urban respondents. To be specific, rural respondents face the risk of declining agricultural income and limited non-agricultural job opportunities, and the income growth of rural residents is sluggish. The coverage of rural medical and old-age insurance is low, and rural respondents are more concerned about future medical care and old-age care. The rate of rural houses to residential buildings (%) is low, and some respondents are still using unsafe drinking water, and the rural living conditions need to be improved. In view of the above-mentioned problems revealed in the survey, efforts should be made to develop more ways to increase farmers’ income, raise the level of rural medical and old-age insurance, improve the rural dwelling environment, and shore up the weak spots relating to farmers’ livelihood, so as to effectively support the implementation of the rural rejuvenation strategy.

Key words: weak spots relating to people’s livelihood, ensure people’s livelihood, household survey, rural areas