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Improve Basic Public Services Tailored to Different Social Groups with Different Concerns
-- Based on an analysis of 9,896 household questionnaires collected in 8 Provinces in 2017 (No.92, 2018)


By Cheng Yu & Ruan Rongping, Research Team on “Survey of People’s Livelihood in China”, DRC

Research Report, No.92, 2018 (Total 5367) 2018-5-25

Abstract: The household survey conducted by the research team of DRC on “Survey of People’s Livelihood in China” in 2017 shows that the respondents’ wellbeing has kept improving and their satisfaction with family life and social environment is further elevated. The major concern of the respondents is focused on income and medical care, among whom the young and middle-aged people and migrant workers are highly concerned about housing and children’s education. In addition, people are dissatisfied with low income, income decrease and the spurting medical expenses which have imposed a huge medical burden on families. Among social environment issues, the respondents are mainly concerned about food safety and environmental pollution, whereas people from less developed areas are mainly concerned about transportation issues. With regard to people’s different concerns about livelihood, we need to adopt targeted policies to improve basic public services in line with different social concerns of the people, with the focus placed on enhancing the county-level residents’ income, making it clear that houses are for living in rather than for other purposes, stepping up efforts to treat environmental pollution in some areas, and improving food quality and safety.

Key words: concerns about people’s livelihood, basic public services, household survey