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Retrospect and Prospect on the Insurance Market Performance in 2017 and 2018 (Special Issue, No.9, 2018)


By Zhu Junsheng, Research Institute of Finance, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue, No.9, 2018 (Total 1576) 2018-6-4

Abstract: In 2017, the original premium income growth of the insurance industry slowed down significantly, and the growths of production and life insurances were differentiated. The growth of insurance asset scale declined. The depth and density of insurance were further improved, while the risk prevention was strengthened rapidly. The transformation of personal insurance market sped up and the structure has changed positively. The comprehensive cost rate of property insurance went up as the underwriting profit largely decreased. Although the asset allocation structure has become more reasonable, the potential risks have increased. Furthermore, though the risks in the sector are effectively mitigated, the liquidity risks are still prominent. The application of the science of insurance has been extensive with increasing innovation in this business. This sector’s efficiency and capacity of serving the real economy have been constantly improved. In 2018, the premium income growth is under pressure, and the cash flow risk in the life insurance market is intensified; furthermore, the operational risk of the property market is very high, and the small and medium-sized market entities are subject to the pressure of transformation and loss-making; the risks and uncertainties of using insurance fund are increasing. In 2018, in order to promote the high quality development of insurance industry, we should strive to improve regulatory efficiency, steadily push forward the transformation of life insurance, establish a sound market exit mechanism, continue to deepen the reform of rates for commercial vehicles, consolidate the institutional basis for the development of preferential tax rates for health insurance, and press ahead the trial of tax deferred commercial pension insurance.

Key words: insurance market, high-quality development, risk prevention