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Current Poverty Alleviation through Cultural Development: Main Achievements, Problems and Policy Suggestions (Special Issue, No.10, 2018)


By Chen Feng, Research team on “The Study on the Innovation Development of Socialist Culture with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era”, Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue, No.10, 2018 (Total 1577) 2018-6-6

Abstract: Poverty alleviation through cultural development is not only an important mission in the field of cultural construction, but also the key to the overall layout of the “five-in-one” socialist construction with Chinese characteristics in the new era. The research finds that the problems of poverty alleviation through cultural development mainly are in the following aspects: the national public cultural policy is hard to find standard audiences; public cultural investments lack institutional efficiency; due to the lack of creative talents, capital and other factors of production, the industrialization development and industrial transformation and upgrading of cultural resources in poor regions are faced with greater difficulties. Suggestions are made as follows: to strengthen coordination, make common progress, and vigorously stimulate the endogenous development forces in poverty-stricken areas; to implement targeted supply, enhance joint development and share public cultural services; to be led by the market, maintain the long term and stable income increase for the people in various ways; to strengthen supporting elements, improve the resources investment and mobilization for poverty alleviation through cultural development; to strengthen coordination to integrate the strategy of poverty alleviation through cultural development into the national comprehensive management system for poverty alleviation.

Key words: poverty alleviation through cultural development, targeted supply, production factors, coordination