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The G20: Evolution, Interrelations and Document Records


The G20: Evolution, Interrelations and Document Records

By Research Group on International Economic and Financial Governance, DRC

G20 has become a significant mechanism in global governance. Through focusing on major issues of overarching importance, it has made rich achievements, enhanced impacts and improved influence. The G20 Summit boasts the central position in the G20 system. Meanwhile, the coordinators’ conferences, ministerial conferences, panel discussions, expert group meetings and other conferences held by branch organizations and groups have gained increased and fruitful results. For a long term, Prof. Hajnal has been closely following the development of the mechanisms and frameworks of G20 and completed this book on the basis of a detailed analysis of G20-related documents and the newly declassified diplomatic files. The book gives an all-round illustration of the origin, evolution, features, members and agendas of G20, touches upon The relations between G20 and relevant governments and international organizations, as well as between G20 and related business communities and non-governmental social organizations, summarizes the policy options relating to G20 reforms and sorts out relevant files, minutes and information relating to G20.