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Pilot Practice on Pooling Top-level Hi-tech Talents in Qingdao International Academician Park (No.102, 2018)


By Li Guoqiang,General Office of DRC, Lin Jiabin, Research Department of Social Development of DRC, Zhang Liang & Ma Shuping, Enterprise Research Institute of DRC

Research Report, No.102, 2018 (Total 5377), 2018-6-27

Abstract: Over the past two years, Qingdao International Academician Park (QIAP) has become one of the centers with the pooling of a large number of the world’s top-level hi-tech talents. It has realized the transformation of scientific and technological results into practical production forces, playing a leading role in China’s endeavor to become a world-class hi-tech power through implementing the innovation-driven development strategy. Based on the significant progress made, it has become a carrier in forming new institutional mechanism. Its’ achievements are mainly attributed to the efforts made by the Party Committee and the government of Licang District which have played a leading and exploratory part in performing their duties in a down-to-earth way. However, Because of the scarcity of talent resources at academic level, its experience is difficult for promotion and replication. If the development of QIAP is to be promoted and its role is to be brought into full play in building China into a world technological power, efforts need to be made at the national strategic level. To this end, this paper puts forward the following policy options. Work should be done to formulate a series of scientific plans and major scientific projects at QIAP, set out a roadmap for the development of Qingdao city based on the achievements made by QIAP, allow QIAP to try and implement some talent policies and help it with the management and control of potential risks relating to intellectual property rights.

Key words: hi-tech center, major scientific projects, Qingdao International Academician Park (QIAP)