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Improve the Quality of Medical Supplies (Special Issue, No.11, 2018)


By Yu Dong, Research Department of Social Development, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue, No.11, 2018 (Total 1578) 2018-6-27

Abstract: The quality of medical care is defined respectively in the narrow sense and the broad sense. In the international community, the macro-performance of the entire medical and health system is generally equal with the medical quality in the broad sense. In light of this concept and China’s national conditions, high-quality medical care should be “accessible, affordable and reasonable”. At present, the obstacle that restricts the improvement of China’s medical supply quality is the service system. Due to the weak medical service at the grassroots level and heavy dependence on large hospitals, medical resources are mismatched, and the supply of high-quality medical and health services are insufficient, leading to poor performance in the macro level. The general approach of reform needs to be based on the broad sense of medical quality and the effect of medical and health service costs, focus on improving the activation and utilization rate at the grassroots level, reform the incentive mechanism of public hospitals, promote the establishment of hospitals by non-governmental entities, improve the service system and comprehensively boost classified treatment. At the same time, efforts need to be made to take incentives and management as the leverage to promote the improvement of medical quality in the narrow sense.

Key words: medical supply, quality, service system