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The Management of Foreign National Scientific Research Institutions: Experience and Enlightenments (Special Issue, No.12, 2018)


By Yu Dong, Research Department of Social Development, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue, No.12, 2018 (Total 1579) 2018-6-28

Abstract: Foreign national scientific research institutions refer to the scientific research institutions affiliated to the central government. After the development of more than a century, the national scientific research institutions have dual roles and attributes. They are both the scientific research undertakers who directly represent the will of the state, and the organizers that indirectly intervene in the scientific research activities of the universities, private scientific research institutions and private enterprises through the purchase of services, fund support and scientific research cooperation. Viewing from the point of management, the national scientific research institutions in various countries have established a perfect legal management system, with both comprehensive and specific external management system, and internal management mechanism with dab hands managing their own affairs. In light of the foreign experience, China could, based on classified management, take the financing distribution and the incentive reform as the core issue, and focus on the cultivation of scientific research management professionals.

Key words: national scientific research institutions, management system, incentive mechanism