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A Roadmap Leading to the Establishment of a Carbon-Neutral, Smart and Green Energy System in Xiong’an New Area (No.106, 2018)


By Guo Jiaofeng, Gao Shiji, Hao Aibing, Wu Aimin, Tang Jinrong, Li Jifeng, Zhou Jinming, Gao Feng & Ma Junhua, Research Team on “Energy Development Plan of Xiong’an New Area”, Research Institute of Resources and Environment Policies, DRC

Research Report, No.106, 2018 (Total 5381) 2018-7-3

Abstract: In establishing the carbon-neutral, smart and green energy system, Xiong’an New Area needs to follow relevant requirements. In line with international standard and forward-looking plans, the system needs to imbue Chinese characteristics, comply with the overall world energy development trend and embody the direction of high-quality energy development. It needs to foster two world-type scenarios i.e. physical world scenario and data-based virtual world scenario based on two dimensions including hardware infrastructure and the software environment of institutional arrangement, and make full use of its clean energy resources such as its ground-heating resources and complement with external energies like green electricity and natural gas. Besides, the system needs to comprehensively adopt the principles and technical systems of the synergy of multiple energies based on energy Internet, the source-grid-load-storage coordinated development, the balanced development between centralized and distributed models, and the concerted arrangement between construction, operation and maintenance management. Efforts need to be made in line with the “one cluster one network” model of smart city cell-like energy stations to gradually build a terminal energy supply and demand system for Xiong’an New Area, and the energy institutions and mechanisms as well as policies should be innovated to meet the requirements stemming from high-standard and high-quality economic and energy development, so as to realize carbon-neutralization in the short run, total reliance on renewable energy and the fulfillment of zero-carbon emission by the year of 2040.

Key words: Xiong’an New Area, carbon-neutral intelligence, green energy system, Xiong’an quality