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Build a Green Energy System in Xiong’an New Area: Fiscal and Tax Policy Options (No.107, 2018)


By Guo Jiaofeng, Bai Yanfeng, Chen Yu, Hao Aibing, Wu Aimin, Tang Jinrong, Wang Xiaomao, Li Jifeng, Wang Jie & Chen Shanshan, Research Team on “Energy Development Plan of Xiong’an New Area”, Research Institute of Resources and Environment Policies, DRC

Research Report, No.107, 2018 (Total 5382) 2018-7-4

Abstract: The fiscal and tax policy is an important leverage to improve ecological civilization and to realize the building of a beautiful China. The current energy fiscal and tax system based on the traditional energy system is basically workable, but it still has some defects such as insufficient support for green and clean energy, inadequate punishment for pollution, and inappropriate policy coordination between different departments. Therefore, the system is hard to adapt to the development requirements of the new era. In order to support the development of a carbon-neutral, smart and green-energy system in Xiong’an New Area, it is required to establish a comprehensive, standardized and open fiscal budget system in the energy field, a fair, unified and effective tax system, and a financial system with the administrative authority in step with spending responsibilities between the central and local governments. We also need to support Xiong’an New Area to create an innovation-driven development area and an innovative development demonstration zone to guide the implementation of the new development concept. Therefore, it is necessary to set up a coal-free zone and an oil-free zone, strive to develop clean energy such as geothermal energy, photovoltaic, natural gas and biomass energy, improve the energy taxation system, strengthen financial support, innovate the energy management system, and support Xiong’an New Area to build a carbon-neutral, smart and green-energy system as soon as possible.

Key words: Xiong’an New Area, geothermal energy, green energy system, fiscal and tax policy