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Establish and Improve the Food Control Policy System: Approaches and Policy Options (No.108, 2018)


By Jin Sanlin, Research Department of Rural Economy, DRC

Research Report, No.108, 2018 (Total 5383) 2018-7-5

Abstract: Since 2004, China has gradually formed a relatively complete food control policy through continued reforms and adjustments and achieved gratified results. However, the current reform is basically problem-oriented; it is therefore short of overall planning on the future food regulation and control policy system and new approaches for enhancing the government-backed safety of grain production capacity. Besides, it has not set out new measures for addressing the new problems resulting from market-based grain production reform. Under the new situation, we need to focus on improving the food regulation and control capacity in light of market-based operating mechanism and an open economy, and perfect the food regulation and control policy system in accordance with the principle of “treating grain output and grain production capacity with different measures and optimizing grain reserves. Besides, we need to make a comprehensive and proper balance towards the competition between imported grain and home-produced grain. It is essential to improve the capacity protection policy and incentive policy, establish and perfect the national grain output control mechanism, create new tools for food production control policy, improve import and export regulation and control policies, reform the grain reserve management mechanism, implement a neutral demand management policy, and strengthen food control capacity to improve the level of regulation and control.

Key words: food regulation and control, policy system, treat grain output and grain production capacity with different measures