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Strategic Conception on Promoting the New Industrial Revolution in China (No.110, 2018)


By Wei Jigang, Research Team on “Strategic Research on China’s New Industrial Revolution”

Research Report, No.110, 2018 (Total 5385) 2018-7-9

Abstract: The new industrial revolution featured by digitalization, networking, smart technology and green technology is fully breaking through the limitations of human ability and the bottleneck of resources and environment, and greatly enhancing the ability of sustainable development. In order to grasp the strategic opportunity of the new industrial revolution, China can take the development strategy with the following options. With a diverse integral structure, it needs to take a holistic approach toward innovation-oriented and cross-sector development with mutual benefits and common wins. It needs to follow the principle of safety control and ecological green while focusing on practical utilization and inclusive growth. The new industrial revolution needs to take a development pattern based on new product, new service, new technology, and new business model, enhance efficiency through digitization, networking and smart technology, promote the quality by way of standardization, lean and optimized management, make innovation with different types, at various levels and in relevant fields, sharpen the competitive edge relating to industrial division of labor both at home and abroad, and shore up the enhancement of infrastructure through the introduction of talents and the enrichment of new knowledge. To push forward the new industrial revolution, we need to guide the industrial development according to circumstances, size up the situation and go with the trend of the times, and take relevant measures in light of local conditions and industrial performance.

Key words: the new industrial revolution, strategy, system