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China’s Law-Based Governance on Environment in 2017: Achievements, Problems and Policy Options (Special Issue, No.14, 2018)


By Chang Jiwen & Hao Chunyan, Institute of Resources and Environment Policies, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue, No.14, 2018 (Total 1581) 2018-7-18

Abstract: In 2017, with the promotion of institutional mechanism of ecological civilization, the legal system became more and more perfect and law enforcement became more strict and standardized. With the improvement of judiciary institutional mechanism, effective results have been achieved through applying democratic and social supervision over the exercise of power by the Party and government departments. The Central Government’s environmental protection inspection has played a major role, and the concept of law-based environmental governance and law-abiding awareness have been promoted among the people and in different areas. Based on the greater public trust on the importance of ecological civilization construction, the government has made across-the-board efforts to implement and enforce relevant rules and regulations and decisive progress has been made that has never been witnessed before. As a result, the pattern of ecological and environmental protection has changed unprecedentedly. Through various measures such as optimizing the regional spatial development pattern, establishing environmental protection service company and introducing environmental credit management, regional environmental risks are being controlled through effective mix between environmental assessment plans and projects. The atmosphere of attaching importance to green development has been formed across the country through related supervision and inspection.

Key words: environmental governance, across-the-board progress, effectiveness, experience