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Promoting Innovative Development of Consumer Service Industry: Policy Options (No.121, 2018)


By Wang Wei, Wang Qing & Zhao Yong, Institute of Market Economy, DRC

Research Report, No.121, 2018 (Total 5396) 2018-8-3

Abstract: The development of consumer service industry is of great significance to meet people’s needs for consumption upgrading and better life, to realize quality, efficiency and transformation of the development of the service industry, to develop and strengthen new driving forces for economic growth, and to expand international influence and improve soft power. However, at present, China’s consumer service industry still has some problems such as insufficient effective supply, relatively low supply quality, structural imbalance, shortage of guarantee, low degree of openness and weak international competitiveness. Besides, it also faces some institutional obstacles including restrictions on industry access, backward industrial management and supervision concepts and institutional mechanisms, imperfect relevant laws and regulations, and inadequate supporting systems. With regard to these issues, we need to focus on promoting supply-side structural reform of consumer service industry through “increasing supply, improving quality, promoting reform, opening up, and optimizing the environment”, in accordance with the new trends and new requirements of the development of the industry and we also need to draw on the international experience of innovation and development in this field. In this way, we can realize the innovative development of consumer service industry.

Key words: consumer service industry, problems, obstacles, innovative development