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Current Situation and Future Development Trend of Consumer Service Industry in China (No.122, 2018)


By Wang Wei, Liu Tao & Zhao Yong, Research Institute of Market Economy, DRC

Research Report, No.122, 2018 (Total 5397) 2018-8-6

Abstract: Consumer service industry refers to the industry that meets people’s diversified and multi-level service consumption needs. Since the 21st century, the scale of China’s consumer service industry has been expanding continuously; the number of various types of market entities has increased substantially; the internal development of consumer service industry has become differentiated obviously; the online supply mode has led to the rapid development of consumer service industry; the development of consumer service industry in large-scale central cities is taking the leading position; the international trade and international investment in consumer service industry has increased significantly. All these above elements have promoted the upgrading of consumer consumption and industrial transformation and development. In the future, China’s consumer service industry will show the trend in six aspects: the consumer service industry will enter a stage of sustainable and rapid development; the internal structure adjustment of consumer service industry will speed up; the supply upgrading will be further accelerated; the online and offline supply mode will achieve in-depth integration; spatial agglomeration will be further improved; and the new pattern of two-way opening-up will be formed gradually.

Key words: consumer service industry, development situation, further development trend