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China’s Green Growth Viewing from the Perspective of International Comparison: Progress and Countermeasures(Special Issue,No.22)


By Li Weiming, Gao Shiji & Chen Jianpeng, Research Team on “China’s Green Growth in the Context of Industrial Upgrading”, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue, No.22, 2018 (Total 1589) 2018-8-10

Abstract: Viewing from the perspective of international comparison, this paper gives a brief analysis of China’s economic and industrial development and its environmental impacts in the world as well as a systematic evaluation of China’s relative progress in global green growth according to the OECD green growth analysis framework and measurement indicators. Research findings show that China has made positive progress in improving the productivity of resources and environment in recent years, but it still enjoys great potential to be tapped for further progress. For example, current policies are insufficient to cope with the increasingly serious challenges posed by resources and environment, and relevant policy instruments must be fully exploited to address the high pollution issues resulting from the squeezed growth mode. The further development of China depends, to a large extent, on whether it can truly integrate environmental factors into government decision-making at different levels and policy-making in different fields, and ensure that the policy objectives and measures relating to industrial development and environment improvement can be coordinated and unified with and complement each other. In the long run, accelerating the promotion of green total factor productivity (TFP) is crucial to the fulfillment of China’s dual goals, i.e. sustainable economic development and continuous environmental improvement.

Key words: China’s progress in green growth, OECD green growth indicators, countermeasures