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The Performance Assessment of Researchers Needs to be Further Reformed and Put into Effect (No.137, 2018)


By Wang Minghui, Research Team on “Training, Encouragement and Introduction Mechanism of Innovative Talents”, Research Department of Innovative Development, DRC

Research Report, No.137, 2018 (Total 5412) 2018-8-27

Abstract: The assessment and evaluation system has an important impact on stimulating the creativity of researchers in universities and research institutes. Under the background of high-quality development, the problems existing in the current evaluation system characterized by quantitative indicators and “one-size-fits-all” approach are looming up. For instance, the decision-making power is limited, and the administrative dominance has not been fundamentally reversed. The phenomenon of emphasizing quantity over quality, form over content, and short-term over long-term persistence still exist. The problems of simplified evaluation indicators and methods, and utilitarian manner of evaluation results are still prominent. Classified evaluation is not in place, and the incentive effect of different types of researchers is not obvious. All these have curbed the passion and creativity of researchers to be brought into full play. Efforts need to be made to fundamentally accelerate the reform of public institutions and further the de-administration of public institutions; focus on establishing an evaluation system based on ability, performance and morality; expedite the implementation of classified evaluation system; clarify promotion standards, improve the multi-channel promotion mechanism for researchers, and actively create an institutional environment beneficial for researchers to do research and make innovations.

Key words: researchers, assessment and evaluation, higher education institutions, research institute