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Steadily Promote China-Africa Industrial Capacity Cooperation (No.139, 2018)


By Long Guoqiang, DRC

Research Report, No.139, 2018 (Total 5414) 2018-8-28

Abstract: China-Africa industrial capacity cooperation is an important part of China-Africa cooperation with great strategic significance. China-Africa industrial capacity cooperation is conducive to consolidating the foundation of China-Africa Community of Shared Future, building China-led global production value chain, and safeguarding China’s resource security. China-Africa industrial capacity cooperation has achieved remarkable results and enjoys a bright future. However, there are three outstanding problems to be addressed: i.e. the risk prevention, the public opinion environment, and the protection of overseas interests. In order to achieve the goal of “reducing risks, improving public opinion, safeguarding rights and interests, and seeking improvement in stability” to steadily advance China-Africa industrial capacity cooperation, this paper has raised the following policy options. In view of the above-mentioned problems, we need to fully integrate various forces, give full play to the enthusiasm of the government, enterprises, financial institutions, the armed forces and other relevant entities, and implement comprehensive measures. First, we need to strengthen planning guidance; second, we need to handle policy projects and commercial projects on their different merits; third, we need to flesh out financial services; fourth, we need to strengthen non-media work; fifth, we need to improve the international operation ability of enterprises; sixth, we need to strengthen overseas interests protection ability; seventh, we need to introduce the third-party cooperation in China-Africa industrial capacity cooperation.

Keywords: China-Africa cooperation, capacity, risk