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The Construction of Social Policy System in the New era: Significance, Goals and Pathways of the Reform (Special Issue, No.23, 2018)


By Wang Xiongjun, Intelligence Center for International Development, China

Research Report, Special Issue, No.23, 2018 (Total 1590) 2018-8-31

Abstract: The construction of social policy system is the important content of modern state construction and the symbol and product of modern civilization. At present, China’s social policy system has been basically set up with initial effects showing. At the same time, the social policy system also has problems of weak security function, institutional fragmentation and differentiation, imperfect basic public service mechanism, weak management and poor financial sustainability. Therefore, basic proposals of building the social policy system in the new era are made as follows. Firstly, efforts should be focused on solving the problem of inadequate welfare security to make up for the weakness in securing people’s livelihood. Secondly, imbalance of welfare security should be addressed to adjust the levels of welfare security benefits among different social groups. The system integration of social policies should be strengthened to reduce the institutional fragmentation and differentiation. And the management and services of social policy should be improved to deliver better performance.

Key words: social policy, welfare security, reform, pathway