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International Experience and Implications in Social Policy and Economic Growth (Special Issue, No.24, 2018)


By Yu Dong, Research Department of Social Development, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue, No.24, 2018 (Total 1591) 2018-8-31

Abstract: Since the first Industrialization, developed countries have formed social policy systems and entered the peak of construction in the 20th century, mainly represented by the models of the Nordic nations, continental European countries, the US, Latin America, the Soviet Union and eastern Europe, and East Asian countries. International experience has shown that high welfare benefit may not necessarily “feed lazybones”, and without an effective social policy system, economic development is not sustainable. The key is to form social consensus and deal with the issue of “limit” as well as to improve the management ability. For China, the economic new normal is also the window period for social policy construction. We should not only deepen our understanding of the status and role of social policies, but also take China’s national condition and long-term development demands into full consideration. Taking management capability building as the key pillars, efforts should be focused on addressing the unbalanced and inadequate problems in social development.

Key words: social policy, economic growth, pattern