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The Reform and Improvement of Labor Force Market Policy (Special Issue, No.26, 2018)


By Zhang Bingzi, Research Department of Social Development, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue, No.26, 2018 (Total 1593) 2018-8-31

Abstract: As one of the most important public policies, labor market policy plays a vital role in safeguarding civil rights and promote social stability and development. With the deepening reform of market economy, China’s labor market policy has gone through a continuous improvement, and its standardization as well as security function has witnessed notable enhancement. However, it is still faced with some challenges and problems which are mainly manifested as follows: the risks of structural unemployment and the difficulty of social protection are increasing; the target groups of labor protection are various and the safety-net function of unemployment insurance is yet to be improved; the segmentation of labor market and employment discrimination still exist; the quality of employment is not ideal enough, and the employment service system is imperfect. In the future, work should be done to further push ahead with relevant reforms and safeguarding the basic livelihood of the unemployed workers by policies of all types in a coordinated manner, promote equality and the flow of labor market, increase the investment in education and training for the workers so as to enhance their capability and improve employment services.

Key words: labor market policies, labor protection