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Protect and Improve Educational Livelihood through Development (Special Issue, No.27, 2018)


By She Yu, Research Department of Social Development, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue, No.27, 2018 (Total 1594) 2018-8-31

Abstract: Issues related to education concern the future of our nation and also the interests as well as pursuit of our people. The adherence to prioritizing the development of education, vigorously accelerating equity in education, continuously improving the quality of education and striving to enhance the education for people’s satisfaction is of great significance to the continuous improvement of people’s livelihood and social construction and the effective promotion of social and economic development. The direction of the reform of China’s education development is clearly defined and has achieved remarkable progress, while the imbalanced and inadequate development in educational is still prominent when compared to people’s growing needs for better livelihood in education field. Specific policy options include clarifying the attributes of pre-school education services, rationalizing the administrative mechanism and the institutional arrangement for the establishment of pre-school education; steadily solving the problems concerning equality and fairness in basic education, especially in compulsory education; pushing ahead with the reform of vocational and higher education in a coordinated manner based on the social and economic development as well as industrial structural adjustment; effectively guaranteeing the protection of the education rights of the migrant workers’ children; further pushing forward the reform and development of other social policies so as to foster a better social environment; further rationalize the relationship between government, society and market and straighten out the relevant responsibilities of governments at different levels.

Key words: education, equity, quality, livelihood