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China’s Old-Age Security Policy: Construction and Reform (Special Issue, No.29, 2018)


By Feng Wenmeng, Research Department of Social Development, DRC & Li Fan, China Development Research Foundation

Research Report, Special Issue, No.29, 2018 (Total 1596) 2018-8-31

Abstract: With the growth of the aging population and the emergence of large-scale elderly people, it is increasingly important to improve the old-age security policy system. It is found out that the establishment of this system can be divided into two stages. In the first stage, we need to ensure that the elderly have access to high-quality, comprehensive and professional services on the basis of adequate pension income. This depends on the improvement of both the income security for the elderly and the old-age service system. In the second stage of medium and long term, human capital for the aged need to be fully utilized. While deeply integrating into society and fully realizing their self-worth, the elderly can become part of the mainstay of economic and social development again.

Key words: aging of population, income security, old-age service