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Improve Emission Standards to Encourage Technological Innovation and Propel Reforms of Ultra-Low Emission in the Chinese Steel Industry (No.142, 2018)


By Chen Xiaohong & Qi Changdong, Enterprise Research Institute, DRC & Shen Xinyue, the University of Sydney

Research Report, No.142, 2018 (Total 5417) 2018-8-31

Abstract: China has improved emission standards of the steel industry by a large margin for two times in April and July, 2018. In view of the experiences drawn from other countries and the current development of China’s steel industry, improving emission standards by a large margin can remarkably reduce industrial disposal and emission. Supported by relevant regulations, China has made technological innovation and developed the technology of sintering denitration in a quite short period of time. While showing understanding and support of the national policy of improving standards to reduce emission, domestic enterprises are concerned about whether the sintering denitration technology can be widely put into practice in China. Relevant investigations suggest that Chinese enterprises have made breakthroughs on sintering denitration technology through technological innovation in about a year after Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China proposed new emission standards. The achievements are mainly attributed to the facts that the enterprises are supported by technologies, favorable environment to develop industrial innovation and incentives of regulations. It is still suggested that relevant sectors should improve mechanisms and steadily push ahead with ultra-low emission and disposal. First, enterprises should be provided with rights of options in terms of technologies. Second, the promotion of new standards and ultra-low emission should not be carried out cursorily. Third, improvement of standards and incentives should be integrated. Fourth, relevant sectors should strengthen the management of emission and disposal monitoring. Fifth, the intellectual property rights of enterprises with technological innovation should be protected.

Key words: reform, steel, ultra-low emission reduction, improving standards, technological innovation