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Policy Options on Building Characteristic Small Towns with Low Carbon Emission (No.144, 2018)


By Liu Yanling, Zhang Xiaohuan, Research Institute of Public Management and Human Resources, DRC

Research Report, No.144, 2018 (Total 5419) 2018-9-4

Abstract: Low-carbon emission and intelligence are a basic principle for the construction of characteristic small towns and an internal guarantee for the healthy development of characteristic small towns. Characteristic small towns also shoulder their own responsibilities for building a green China. To build low-carbon and intelligent characteristic small towns, we must adhere to the correct industrial development orientation, coordinate high-quality industrial resources, talent resources and urbanization resources, and lay a good foundation for the new intelligent information supporting system. In the future, to implant the low-carbon concept into the construction of characteristic small towns, we need to have a profound understanding of Xi Jinping Thought of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, establish the new ecological ethics for small towns, provide a systematic solution for low-carbon and intelligent characteristic small towns which integrates production, life and ecology, optimize carbon trading system and carbon asset management, innovate the investment and financing models of characteristic small towns, design a long-term system that balances efficiency and fairness, and form a mode of low-carbon and intelligent small towns with Chinese characteristics, thus contribute to the high-quality urbanization of China in the new era.

Key words: characteristic small town, low carbon, green China