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Study on Conservation Easement System in View of Detailed Protection Demand
——A Case Study on Qianjiangyuan National Park (No.155, 2018)


By Wang Yufei, Su Hongqiao & Zhao Xinrui, Management World Magazine

Research Report, No.155, 2018 (Total 5430) 2018-9-17

Abstract: The nature reserve represented by national parks generally has the problem of difficulty in scientific control, unified management and financial support. By referring to the Opinions on Improving the Ecological Protection Compensation Mechanism and the Overall Plan of Establishing the National Park System, we have studied and designed the conservation easement system based on detailed protection demand, combined the adaptive management with ecological compensation system and applied the system for the first time in Qianjiangyuan National Park with a high proportion of collectively owned forests. The technical approach is to refine protection demand to determine the applicable space of the easement; develop a list of the positive and negative behavior of natives, form an easement contract and establish a market-oriented and diversified ecological compensation plan based on land-use purpose. This technical approach is featured by a low cost and a limited number of migrants; it can solve the problem of management fragmentation of nature reserves caused by land ownership inconsistency, and effectively balance the relationship between community protection and development; it is universally adaptive in the protection of nature reserves with a high proportion of collectively owned forests.

Key words: detail protection demand, ecological compensation, conservation easement, nature reserve