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Japan’s Long-term Care Insurance System and Relevant Experience (No.158, 2018)


By Zhang Li, Qiu Yue & Xiao Qingwen, Research Team on “Japan’s Pension and Medical Care System”, China Development Research Foundation, DRC

Research Report, No.158, 2018 (Total 5433) 2018-9-18

Abstract: Through the field survey on Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, local governments, pension service institutions, medical institutions and community management committees of Japan, it is found that the design of long-term care insurance system in Japan has a high starting point, the system is relatively scientific, the policy implementation is relatively in place and with proper convergence and it keeps dynamic adjustment. Since its implementation 17 years ago, it has been running well to improve the elderly’s living quality in their old age, reduce the burden of family care, promote the development of the nursing industry, and enhance family and social harmony. However, as the problem of “aging population” in Japan is further intensified, the long-term care insurance system also faces the pressure of sustainable development in terms of service supply and demand, capital and personnel. China will soon enter a period similar to the increased aging population scenario of Japan over the past 30 years. The demand for long-term care services is growing massively, so we need to expedite the introduction of a long-term care insurance system, and make it adaptive to the level and characteristics of economic and social development in China. We need to deal properly with the old age services and strengthen points of weakness, and handle well the relations between efficiency and fairness. The Japanese experience is worthy of our attention.

Key words: long-term care insurance, Japan, draw lessons and pick up experience