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Research on Restructuring China's Financial Supervision System


Research on Restructuring China's Financial Supervision System

By Zhang Chenghui, Chen Daofu, etc. DRC


This book is one of DRC’s serial studies in 2016. Since the establishment of China’s financial regulatory framework, the current financial regulatory system has been increasingly incompatible with the financial sector undergoing tremendous changes. Viewing from the international experiences, major countries have reformed their original financial regulatory systems after the international financial crisis in 2008. The book has put forward several suggestions on the reform of China’s financial regulatory framework. For instance, relevant sectors should set stage objectives and strictly follow the fundamental principles for the reform of financial regulatory framework, comprehensively evaluate the existing plans, propose an effective risk management system suitable for China and reshape financial supervision concepts.

The book consists of a general report and twelve sub-reports. The general report is a study on restructuring China's financial regulatory framework. Sub-report 1 is about the management of China's financial holding groups. Sub-report 2 is about the development modes of financial holding companies and international experiences in supervising them. Sub-report 3 is about analyses and suggestions on the Internet financial risks. Sub-report 3 is about the status quo, problems and countermeasures of local financial supervision in China. Sub-report 5 is about the U.S. approach that separates central and local financial supervision and management. Sub-report 6 is about reforms of the U.S. financial regulatory framework and their experiences. Sub-report 7 is about the changes and revelation of Japanese financial regulatory framework. Sub-report 8 is about the enlightenment of the UK financial regulatory reform. Sub-report 9 is about experiences drawn from Australia’s prevention of systemic financial risks. Sub-report 11 is about four principles that should be followed in China's financial regulatory reform in view of international experience. Sub-report 12 is about the main factors affecting the efficiency of China's financial supervision.