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China’s Agricultural Overseas Investment: Status Quo, Development Trend and Policy Options (No.166, 2018)


By Liu Yan, Information Center, DRC

Research Report, No.166, 2018 (Total 5441) 2018-10-8

Abstract: In recent years, China’s agricultural overseas investment has increased by a big margin, with enhanced scale and benefits. In particular, the growth of agricultural investment along the “Belt and Road” regions is obvious. The enterprise investment, based on the overall industrial chain layout, is focused on the planting industry. However, viewing from the perspective of development level, China’s agricultural overseas investment still stays at the primary stage, and some problems need to be addressed. For instance, the investment industry remains at the low ends of the industrial chain and the geographical distribution of investment is rather scattered. Especially in the context of the unstable international environment and increasing uncertainties, China’s agricultural overseas investment will face more challenges and risks. Therefore, it is necessary for us to seize the strategic opportunity and put the issue in a key place in pushing forward China’s agricultural investment overseas, further strengthen overseas agricultural investment, focus on strengthening agricultural cooperation with countries that have development potential, participate in the construction of global agricultural industrial and value chain, and expand China’s participation in globalized agricultural development in wider areas and at higher levels.

Key words: agricultural investment overseas, development trend, key stage, the Belt and Road Initiative