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The Performance of Capital Investment Plus Bank Loan Business in Commercial Banks: Status Quo, Problems and Policy Options (No.167, 2018)


By Chen Ning, Sun Fei, Wang Gang, Bo Yan & Qian Jiaqi, Research Team on “Practice, Risk Management and Control of Capital Investment Plus Bank Loan Business in Commercial Banks”, Research Institute of Finance, DRC

Research Report, No.167, 2018 (Total 5442) 2018-10-9

Abstract: Since China launched the pilot model of capital investment plus bank loan business in commercial banks, relevant banks have gained some experience in various aspects and received some positive results. However, the pilot banks also face related difficulties. For instance, the investment in subsidiary companies remains to be approved, the nature of the business is not clarified, the supporting policies are inadequate, the personnel team is weak in management capacity, and the coordination mechanism has not been straightened out. What’s more, there are also problems of overall income fluctuations, unsound exit channels and potential issues relating to business management and personnel cultivation. Commercial banks should not be distracted from their intended purpose of making their services accessible to hi-tech enterprises, adhere to the loan-oriented major business, and prudently promote the pilot practice under the guidance of supervision authorities. Specifically, commercial banks need to improve the risk control procedures, adopt a variety of risk control measures, and continuously improve their professional ability as well as governance and assessment mechanism on personnel cultivation. Supervision authorities need to clarify supervision requirements, strengthen regulatory coordination, and establish a pilot exit mechanism. Local governments need to establish and improve the risk sharing and mitigation system, and promote the improvement of business environmental system.

Key words: capital investment plus bank loan business, hi-tech finance, venture capital