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Global Green Growth: Progress and Problems (No.169, 2018)


By Li Weiming & Gao Shiji, Research Team on “International Economic Pattern Changes and China’s Strategic Options”, DRC

Research Report, No.169, 2018 (Total 5444) 2018-10-11

Abstract: Based on the OECD’s green growth analysis framework and Green Growth Index Report 2017, this paper gives an illustration of resource and environmental productivity, natural resource assets, living environment quality and economic opportunities and polices in OECD countries and G20 and makes a comparative analysis of the progress achieved in their green development since 1990. The research results show that most countries’ carbon, energy and material resource productivity have improved, but wide difference could be found between different countries and departments. The consumption amount of resources remains high, the carbon emissions are increasing and the environmental pressure is heavy. In addition, the global freshwater, land and other natural resources are facing across-the-board pressure, some ecosystems have degenerated, biodiversity is severely threatened, the air quality improvement is beyond expectation, all leading to a negative impact on people’s health and life quality. It should be noted that the improvement of environmental and hygiene conditions has brought benefits to most OECD countries due to the swift implementation of green growth policies by supporting innovation and changing consumer behavior, but the inconsistency of some policies is still awkwardly hindering the global green transformation.

Key words: global green growth, comparison of progress, OECD countries, G20