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New Approaches to High-Quality Regional Economic Development: Experience and Enlightenments Drawn from Zhejiang Province’s Reform in Industrial Sector (No.170, 2018)


By Yuan Dongming, Enterprise Research Institute, DRC & Lan Jianping, Zhejiang Institute of Industry and Information Technology

Research Report, No.170, 2018 (Total 5445) 2018-10-12

Abstract: Since the turn of the new century, Zhejiang province, based on intensive growth mode, has actively promoted industrial efficiency and benefits through reform in order to break constraints imposed by local resources and natural environment. The reform measures were first implemented in various districts and counties in trials and then to the whole province in recent years. Through formulating standards of project access, improving incentive and the “reversed coercion” mechanism, expanding the coverage of evaluations, building data platforms at various levels and launching supporting reform policies, Zhejiang province has gradually developed a series of policies and measures to promote the high-quality development of regional economy and explored a new approach toward market-oriented allocation of resource factors with remarkable achievements. For example, the industrial enterprises above designated size in Zhejiang province contributed an average annual tax of 255,000 yuan per mu in 2017, an increase of 17.5 percent year on year. The reform has become a strong driving force for the high-quality development of the economy in Zhejiang, not only proving effective for the adjustment of its industrial structures and the transformation of its growth momentum, but also making good references for other regions across the country in terms of accelerating the transformation of economic development modes.

Key words: evaluation based on “per-mu output”, reform, high-quality development