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Reform and Opening up Over the Past 40 Years: The Growth of and Contributions Made by Chinese Entrepreneurs (No.171, 2018)


By Li Lan, Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research Report, No.171, 2018 (Total 5446) 2018-10-15

Abstract: This paper is the first part of the report entitled “Achievement and Dreams: The Road of Growth for Chinese Entrepreneurs over the Past 40 Years -- A Comprehensive Review on the Growth and Development of Chinese Entrepreneurs in 2018”. Based on the past 40 years’ reform and opening up, and the statistics collected in 25 consecutive years by the Chinese Entrepreneur Survey System, the paper reveals the growth of Chinese entrepreneurs and their achievements and contributions over the past 40 years. The questionnaire surveys on 3,000 business managers averagely per year conducted from 1993 to 2017 show that along with the advance of market-oriented reform and the active promotion of globalization, the modern enterprise system in China has gradually established and got improved. The business environment and growth environment for entrepreneurs have also become fleshed out, leading to an increased number of domestic entrepreneurs with remarkably improved quality. In the past 40 years of reform and opening up, Chinese entrepreneurs have made important contributions to the development and transformation of national economy and have become an important force in making headway in social progress. First, they have promoted the rapid and remarkable growth of China’s economy in 40 consecutive years. Second, they have pressed ahead with the development of market-oriented economy. Third, they have given a boost to the improvement of China’s innovation capabilities. Fourth, they have given impetus to the establishment of modern enterprise management system. Fifth, they have pushed forward the development of globalization. Sixth, they have propelled the enhancement of China’s commercial civilization.

Key words: 40 years’ reform and opening up, entrepreneur team, growth, questionnaire survey