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The Development of China’s Enterprises’ Innovation: Opportunities, Challenges and Policy Options (No.172, 2018)


By Li Lan, Institute for Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research Report, No.172, 2018 (Total 5447) 2018-10-16

Abstract: This paper is the second part of the report entitled “Achievements and Dreams: The Road of Growth for Chinese Entrepreneurs over the past 40 years – A Comprehensive Review on the Growth and Development of Chinese Entrepreneurs in 2018”. The paper mainly touches upon the changes to the environment for the development of Chinese enterprises in the future, and these changes are mainly as follows. The economic growth mode has changed fundamentally and the traditional extensive growth mode featured by the competitive advantages of over-use of resources, improper treatment of environmental issues and low labor costs is unsustainable; consumption structural upgrading has brought about profound changes to the market; new technological revolution has generated the opportunities for the development of new industries and new business formats; the changed global economic pattern and the enhancement of China’s position in the international economic activities have enabled China’s enterprises to increase their presence in international market. These environmental changes have brought with them both pressure and driving forces and both opportunities and challenges in various fields for the innovative development of Chinese enterprises. In order to push ahead with the innovation and sustainable development of Chinese enterprises, entrepreneurs are longing for deepening reform and opening-up, a better environment for business and innovation development, and adequate improvement of the related policies for the protection of intellectual property rights so as to promote innovation culture and entrepreneurship, and make headway in the innovative drive of Chinese enterprises.

Key words: environment changes of enterprises, innovation, challenges, questionnaire survey, entrepreneurs