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The Construction of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: Challenges and Policy Options (No.176, 2018)


By Qin Zhongchun & Xu Xiujun, Research Team on “Approaches and Policy Options for the Construction of the Belt and Road Economic Corridor”, DRC

Research Report, No.176, 2018 (Total 5451) 2018-10-22

Abstract: Affected by various factors, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is currently confronting main problems in the course of its construction including instable political situation in Pakistan, rampant terrorist activities along the route of CPEC, high government indebtedness in Pakistan, unfavorable business environment in the country and unsymmetrical China-Pakistan trade volume. In order to promote the construction of CPEC in the new era, China needs to give a full play to the important role of the government and enterprises as well as other social sectors. It is suggested that both sides should focus on the differences of respective concerns about interests, consolidate the foundation of governmental cooperation in the two countries, strengthen high-level exchanges, expand bilateral people-to-people exchanges and deepen economic and trade cooperation. China needs to improve the risk prevention and control countermeasures, safeguard its interests in Pakistan and build a multi-tiered security network. In addition, China also needs to improve the planning and operation capabilities of enterprises to conform to the development of CPEC and the enhancement of corporate interests, strengthen China-Pakistan scientific and academic exchanges and cultivate an intellectual-based mechanism to bolster high-level academic exchanges conducive to CPEC construction, joint research in key fields and the sharing of relevant knowledge and information.

Key words: China-Pakistan Economic Corridor construction, relevant issues, policy options