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Construct an Institutional Environment Conducive to the Development of Innovative Entrepreneurs (No.178, 2018)


By Tian Jietang, Research Team on “An Incentive-bolstered Training Mechanism for the Introduction of Innovative Personnel”, Research Department of Innovative Development, DRC

Research Report, No.178, 2018 (Total 5453) 2018-10-24

Abstract: The lack of innovative entrepreneurs is one of the bottlenecks checking China’s innovative development in the future. If innovation is the primary driving force for development, then entrepreneurs are the primary driving force for innovation. Innovative entrepreneurs are enterprise managers and decision makers who play a leading role in conducting R&D, setting forward the application of new technology, new product development, innovation of production and business models, and exploring new markets to create more business value. China has formed a group of innovative entrepreneurs to some extent. However, there still lack policy instruments for cultivating innovative entrepreneurs and a social environment that values innovation, and the rights of innovative entrepreneurs need to be further protected. We need to establish a market environment that is more favorable to the growth of innovative entrepreneurs, implement policies that can protect entrepreneurs’ innovative rights and interests, enable innovative entrepreneurs to have more opportunities to participate in political affairs, and place high priority on the policy of training innovative entrepreneurs so as to gradually form a cultural atmosphere that is helpful for the cultivation of innovative entrepreneurs.

Key words: innovative, entrepreneurs, institutional environment