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Accelerate the Transformation of Educational Methods and Improve the Quality of Innovative Personnel Training in Colleges and Universities (No.179, 2018)


By Xiong Hongru, Research Team on “An Incentive-oriented Training Mechanism and a Mobile Employment System for the Introduction of Innovative Personnel”, Research Department of Innovative Development, DRC

Research Report, No.179, 2018 (Total 5454) 2018-10-25

Abstract: China’s higher education is experiencing a transformation from big to strong in terms of quantity and quality, and the low-level innovative personnel training has become major challenge for further transformation. Insufficient transformation of educational methods and imperfect supporting systems are the main problems restricting the promotion of training quality. The problems include: inadequate teaching methods, simplex assessment methods; inappropriate curriculum system and the neglection of general education; and insufficient interdisciplinary, cross-integration and individualized training. Besides, the mechanism of collaborative education has not yet been straightened out; the application of new-generation digital technology is not in place; teachers’ enthusiasm is not brought into full play, and the ability to make innovative-oriented education progress is limited; the qualified evaluation system is not reasonable; and universities’ decision-making power is rather weak. Viewing from the perspective of innovative personnel training, this paper puts forward five suggestions. First, we need to take innovation and entrepreneurship education as a breakthrough point to promote the transformation of teaching methods, curriculum systems, training models and supporting mechanisms. Second, we need to improve the new mechanism of multi-party collaborative education. Third, we need to push forward the integration of the new generation of digital technology with education. Fourth, we need to stimulate the enthusiasm of teachers, and improve the ability of innovative education teaching. Fifth, we need to flesh out the quality evaluation system and give more decision-making power to colleges and universities.

Key words: innovative personnel, training quality, educational methods, colleges and universities