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China’s Allocation of International Financial Resources: The Status Quo, Development Trends and Policy Options (No.182, 2018)


By Chen Ning, Research Team on “International Financial Landscape Changes and China’s Strategic Options”, DRC

Research Report, No.182, 2018 (Total 5457) 2018-10-30

Abstract: A country's ability to allocate international financial resources is jointly determined by the global operational capacity of transnational commercial financial institutions together with the influence of international financial centers. With the continuous improvement of the comprehensive national strength and the advancement of financial reform, China's ability to allocate international financial resources has increased significantly, but China’s ability is still lagging behind that of some European countries and the United States. The main reasons are as follows. First, as the commercial financial institutions in Europe and the U.S. completed the global layout earlier than China, they enjoyed first-mover advantages in allocating international financial resources. Second, New York and London are and will still be the world’s leading financial centers and occupy the leading position in the allocation of international financial resources. This paper analyzes China's current ability to allocate international financial resources respectively from the perspectives of transnational commercial financial institutions and international financial centers, studies the development trend of international financial resources allocation and its impact on China, and puts forward the following policy options. China needs to continue to promote RMB internationalization, implement two-way opening in the financial field, accelerate the construction of international financial centers, promote financial system reform and improve the level of financial legalization.

Key words: allocation of international financial resources, commercial financial institutions, international financial center