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China’s Areas Participating in China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor Construction: Status Quo and Development Pathways (Special Issue, No.40, 2018)


By Zhang Liping, Yang Chenhua & Zhang Yongjun, Research Team on “The Pathway and Policies of the Belt and Road Economic Corridor Construction”, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue, No.40, 2018 (Total 1607) 2018-10-23

Abstract: The first trilateral meeting was held between the leaders of China, Mongolia and Russia in September, 2014 in Dushanbe, at which the three parties officially announced the joint building of the China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor (CMREC) and in July, 2015, its construction entered a substantive stage. As one of the important corridors of the Belt and Road initiative, many areas in China are involved, including areas bordering Mongolia and Russia and some other areas related to its construction. The integration of resources in these areas and the formation of a synergy will help China to strengthen cooperation with Mongolia and Russia so as to promote the construction of CMREC. To this end, we need to study and formulate corresponding plans under the framework of CMREC, scientifically position these areas involved in the CMREC construction , and further enhance the enthusiasm and initiative of all the relevant areas in building the China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor.

Key words: Belt and Road initiative, China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor, relevant areas in China